Tuesday, 24 January 2017

I have a lot of news to share today

I have so much to share - hope you have time to read all of my news.

I only use TRUST PILOT to post positive reviews.  Yesterday I took my elderly parents to their local garden centre for my Dad's 91st birthday. We had a ,lovely meal so I have used Trust Pilot to praise the food and service we received.

On the way driving back from the meal I saw this chap walking his dog. the dog was wearing a union jack coat. WOW !  My little dog is as patriotic as I am and wanted one. At first I could not find anyone on-line selling dog coats in this design but, as always, Amazon to the rescue.  He is just waiting now for it to be delivered !

As a Diary Writer it is my duty to encourage all who read what I scribble, no matter where in the world they live, to be patriotic. THANK YOU to my best friend Jake The Dog.

As a patriot I can not resist poking fun at the snowflake liberals who only believe in democracy when it suits them.

I want to try to introduce a new word to the English Language.

Can you help me make EUROPRAT a commonly used word ?

Now can I turn to my story writing. An amazing thing happened last night.

I am working on the final chapter in my time travel trilogy: .Quantum Mechanics - A TimeTravel Trilogy  In this chapter I take the central character back to 1969 and to Birmingham, England, where I was working in a giant city centre department store as part of a management training programme.

That's the store on the right.  Last night I had a dream, a vivid dream, where I was indeed there. I experienced the conclusion of the chapter and will most certainly be including it as I write.

Thing is.............
Was it a dream or was I drifting back in time and space ??????

Yesterday I added my short story What Are We Going To tell The President ? to the story library. This brings my story library shelf up to NINE tales from the pen of Max Robinson.

Music is an important part of my life, I am always listening to something other. After all LIFE IS A DISCO SO DANCE.  All of my stories have music somewhere within their plots. I have now set up a special play list on my YouTube channel for these.

Music From My Stories

I am listening to these songs while I type up my blog.  Can I invite you to listen with me.

Well I guess it's time I signed off. Have a TERRIFIC TUESDAY - we'll chat again tomorrow.

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