Friday, 27 January 2017

I am just a few hundred words away from finishing the third and final chapter in my time travel trilogy.


I had a tiny bit of writer's block as to what I will write when this story is finished. Then it came to me ! Ideas for not one story but two !

I will start working on both later today, just as soon as I have finished Chapter Three in the trilogy.

Do you know what the most popular genre of stories is on any library shelf ?  It's crime thrillers.  I have never attempted to write a crime thriller before so this is going to be a new experience for me.

I am doing something right now that I do not normally do in planning a story.  Usually I have the entire plot in my head when I start writing, I develop the characters into the plot and introduce one or two sub plots. For ANGELS OF THE ANTI CHRIST I am making a detailed plan to work from, I am leaving nothing to chance as Detective Chief Inspector Graham Warner of Thames Valley Police's Major Incident Team sets out to catch a serial killer.

I am also going to write in the third person which is unusual for me.  I tend to write in the first person with myself as the central character.

It is going to take me several weeks to write this story, several weeks of intense work.  I am, therefore, going to have a bit of light relief and write my best friend's autobiography.  JAKE'S STORY.
Have you checked out my YouTube Channel where there is music featured in my stories.


I am actually listening to the collection as I write this blog entry.

Do visit my LIBRARY and read all I have on the shelf.

Have fun.....
Speak again soon..............

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