Thursday, 26 January 2017

Hi Friends

Yesterday was not a good day for me !

The bank lost a cheque I had paid into my account so my balance is lower than it should be. They have found it now but it still has to go through the long clearing process.

My car failed its emissions test and it's going to cost me £1,000 to have new fuel injectors fitted.

My local second hand car dealer had a very nice BMW for sale which I thought would make a good second car.  But I dithered so when I called him yesterday to say I wanted it the car had already been sold.

But did any of this get me down ?


I started my day listening to the new daily choice I have on my YouTube Channel so these problems just rolled over me.

Have a look and have a listen at that I have for you today and make your Friday special.

Yesterday I published my short story THE GREAT PRETENDER so do have a read.

I have an idea for a new story which I am going to call Angels Of The Anti-Christ.

I will tell you more about this once start writing.

First of all, I have to finish my final chapter in the time travel trilogy QUANTUM MECHANICS

You can read all of my stories by CLICKING HERE

So make sure you have a great Friday.

Speak again soon

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