Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Four thousand more words in my schoolboy autobiography

I have now completed writing the chapter in my schoolboy autobiography which deals with my first year at secondary school.

You can read this, and my account of my junior school, in my story library: www.maxwellrobinson.online

Please take a look and please take a look at my other books:

  • Dickie Williams
  • Peter's Magic Fountain Pen
  • The Wild Adventures of Di Central Eating
  • The Autobiography of Billy Hardcastle

I want to start work, once my schoolboy tales have been told, on a new book, a time travel book.  I am thinking to make this three time travel adventures set round a portal enabling my main character to travel through space and time.

An author is not bound by the laws of physics when he writes, only his own imagination. The last thing I would claim to have any understanding of is Quantum Mechanics but, at least as I understand the subject it is possible within its theory to explain time travel.  I will be mixing quantum science with my own imagination when I start to write this story.

I set myself a target yesterday to achieve 100 blog page views.  I failed. I achieved 69. Let's see what today brings.

Do read my books: www.maxwellrobinson.online

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