Sunday, 8 January 2017

8am Monday 9th January 2017


Yesterday 41 people read my blog pages - Thank You.  Today I am going to see if  I can give myself a little ego trip and take that number up to 100 !

I am planning to burn up the keys of my laptop today with the following:

Add FIREBALL XL5 to my YouTube Channel
Add Chapter Seven and hopefully Eight of my book PETER'S MAGIC FOUNTAIN PEN to my story library.
To work on my schoolboy autobiography, I am currently working on memories from my first year in senior school.

On my latest diary entry - - I explain how I would like to start writing a time travel story.  I have come up with the title: THREE VISITS TO THE DENTIST.  Each visit will involve its own stand alone story, I have the first planned in my mind. I need to give some more thought to this so I can start writing as soon as my autobiography is finished.

During the day I will publish updated here and on Twitter @Writermaxrobins Check them out as the day developed.

Thanks for your support.  Fingers crossed for 100 views today.

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