Monday, 9 January 2017

5am Tuesday 10th January 2015

I had hoped to achieve 100 page views yesterday, tit 69.  Missed my target but THANK YOU to all who supported me.

As well as writing me weekly diary - and this blog I am building up my story library so let's see what is on the shelves right now.

I am currently working on my schoolboy autobiography:

When that is complete and published on my website: I want to write a time travel story.  I have the ideas and some of the characters ready but not a title year.

As I write I am looking for people to dedicate my stories to, Patrons who can support me with reviews, ideas, suggestions and encouragement.  

Today I will spend most of my time working on the schoolboy autobiography, there will be one or two blog updates as the day goes along but not as many as I posted yesterday.  Let's see how many page reviews I hit today.

THANKS for your support.

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